This website is brought to you by the NLADA INSURANCE PROGRAM, and is a no-cost resource tailored to the specialized needs of NLADA Member Insureds. 

NLADA Insurance Program special edition of My Risk Management Policies was developed in partnership with the Nonprofit Risk Management Center and the NLADA Insurance Program to enable the creation of custom workplace policies, education and materials. The website is designed to help NLADA Insureds keep premiums low, prevent claims and improve coverage by managing risk in the workplace.

In a matter of minutes, you'll be able to create policies that suit the mission, culture, and circumstances of your legal aid, public defender or public service organization You’ll also be able to take advantage of online training and informational material--taking a giant leap forward to protect the vital mission of your organization.

Getting Started: Click on "Subscribe" at the top of this screen. As soon as you've completed this simple process, you will be ready to start creating customized policies for your agency. 

Return at your Convenience: If at any time you want to stop, simply logout and return at your convenience. All of the policies you've started or completed will be saved on the website until you decide to remove them. You'll also have the option of sending your draft policies (from this website) to your legal counsel, board, management team, or other reviewers whose comments will help you fine tune your draft policies.

For information on other benefits available to members of the NLADA Insurance Program, visit http://www.nlada.org/insurance.

Note: This program is password protected and only available to NLADA Insurance Program Member Insureds as a benefit of the program.